We see an unprecedented opportunity to give power back to innovators, builders, creators, and the community – scroll down to learn more about why we believe in web3.

Our Mission

Innovate Relentlessly

Today’s internet is dominated by a handful of powerful companies, resulting in a web landscape that has created unnecessary limitations for the sake of centralized control — together, we’re blasting through these bottlenecks.

We believe that web3 will usher in a new era of permissionless innovation. Empowered with the right tools and teams, web3 can provide everyone with the ability to create and participate in a world in which they’re proud to call home.

Why Web3?

At its inception, the original vision for the internet was to provide “a decentralized network, governed by open protocols, where power and money flow to the edges instead of the centralized intermediaries.”

Here are the web3 features that we believe will allow us to actualize this world-changing vision:

Programmable Money & Ownership

With the tokenization of assets we are able to program money and ownership with immutable code. This creates a new paradigm on how we own and control assets.


A decentralized network can equitably regulate the flow of power and control over itself – web3 strives for community owned networks that allow builders, creators, and businesses to earn their fair share.

Digital Property Rights

Protecting assets and the intellectual property of individuals and businesses drives continued value in the system – web3 ensures that everyone can verify their ownership or stake through blockchain.

Censorship Resistant Access to Money & Applications

As people we value freedom and the right to transact. Web3 removes the power from stringent regulators in order to promote a free exchange of currency and ideas.

Community Aligned Interest & Participation

Through community driven DAOs and incentives, web3 makes it easier than ever before to participate in transparent and powerful communities.

Our community is comprised of visionaries and trailblazers who aren’t afraid to reimagine the way we live & work.


Richard M. Goldberg

Leonor G. Donaldson

Debra J. Kean

Matthew L. Porter

Amanda J. Monaco

Alice R. Maddox

Jesse P. Gravitt

Shaun M. Jones